Quantum Dynamics and Quantum Field Theory

Prof. Gianfausto Dell'Antonio

Number of cycles: 2

First semester: Mon 16:30-18, Wed 11-12:30 (starting from October 17)


  1. First part.
    • Weyl algebra and its representations. Schroedinger's representation and Schroedinger's equation. Regularity properties and asymptotic behaviour of the solutions. Kato's theory of regular perturbation. Elements of scattering theory. Self-adjoint extensions of the Laplacian. The Feynmann-Kac formula and elements of stochastic processes.
  2. Second part.
    • Quantization of the wave equations: Fock and Schroedinger representations. The free field: Fock and Nelson (Markov field) representations . Wightman-Jost Field theory and Euclidian Field theory. Algebraic Quantum Field Theory. Attemps towards interacting fields. The functional analytic point of view. The statistical mechanics point of view.