The Area of Mathematics of SISSA every year offers several graduate courses in geometry and mathematical physics. Those labelled LM are in common with the master in mathematics (Laurea Magistrale)

Academic year 2012-2013: Graduate courses (Schedule)

LecturerCourseCycles   Semester
U. BruzzoIntroduction to toric geometry I   1First
U. BruzzoIst. di Geometria Sup. 2 - mod. A(LM)   First
U. BruzzoIntroduction to toric geometry II   1Second
U. Bruzzo (org.)Students' seminar in algebraic geometry   1Yearly
L. DabrowskiElements of K-theory   1Second
L. DabrowskiIst. di Fisica Matematica - mod. A(LM)   First
L. Dabrowski (org.)Students' seminar in noncommutative geometry   1First
G. Dell'AntonioMathematical aspects of quantum mechanics   2First/Second
B. DubrovinGeometry of isomonodromy deformations   1First
B. DubrovinDifferential geometry (LM)   2Second
B. FantechiIntroduction to schemes   2Second
T. GravaRandom matrices and integrable systems   2First
T. Grava/ A. Raimondo (org.)Seminar in integrable systems   1Yearly
D. Guzzetti Ist. di Fisica Matematica - mod. B(LM)   Second
A. KapaevRiemann-Hilbert techniques and Painlevé equations   1Second
I. MancattiniAlgebraic Groups   1First
B. MaresDifferential invariants and gauge theories   1Second
D. MarkushevichHolomorphic symplectic varieties   2Second
E. MezzettiAlgebraic geometry (LM)   2First
G. PiacitelliIntroduction to C* algebras   1First
C. ReinaMathematical physics (LM)   2First
C. ReinaRepresentation theory (LM)   2Second
V. RoubtsovQuantum groups and integrable systems   1First
A. TanziniIntroduction to topological field theory   2First
R. VillegasGeometria delle varietà dei caratteri   1Second

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