Geometry Course

Toric varieties

Barbara Fantechi


The course will start on nov 6, with some preliminary material being covered in the period oct 23 - 31.
Toric varieties are possibly the best concrete examples source in algebraic geometry. We will introduce a number of concepts from algebraic geometry (such as completeness, smoothness, normality) and study their toric, combinatorial counterpart. As a general reference one can take Fulton Toric varieties; I will also be using Mustata's notes (available on his website, Google mircea mustata). For a short introduction to toric varieties, you can also look at Cox notes (available on his website, Google cox toric varieties). I will set up a website with the relevant links in the next weeks. The course will have very low prerequisites and will be much more concrete than last year's course on Hartshorne. At the end, if there is interest, we will have a seminar on toric algebraic stacks.

Schedule: nov 6 - jan ? (oct 23 - 31 preliminary lectures)
Credits: 1

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