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Altruism/egoism: a question of points of view

20 Maggio 2014

Sociality, cooperation and "prosocial" behaviours are the foundation of human society (and of the extraordinary development of our brain) and yet, taken individually, people often show huge variation in terms of altruism/egoism, both among individuals and in the same individual at different moments in time. What causes these differences in behaviour? An answer may be found by observing the activity of the brain, as was done by a group of researchers from SISSA in Trieste (in collaboration with the Human-Computer Interaction Lab, HCI lab, of the University of Udine).

JCOM Masterclasses: only few days left to sign up

14 Maggio 2014

Only few days left to sign up to the JCOM Masterclasses. Four courses aimed at scientists, cultural managers, public sector and education professionals, architects, designers, journalists, museum workers and other specialists dealing with scientific/technological communication. These are the JCOM Masterclasses, top-level international training courses held by academics and professionals selected from among the greatest experts in the field.

Unified superconductors

14 Maggio 2014

Superconductors are promising materials, with applications ranging from medicine to transport. Unfortunately, though, their use is for the time being limited to the very low temperatures (close to absolute zero) necessary for superconductivity to occur.

Some materials, however, could be improved so as to obtain higher and energetically less "costly" critical temperatures. A team of researchers coordinated by SISSA investigated a class of conductors at high critical temperature, adding insight into the physics of these phenomena.

Amazing crystalline helium

13 Maggio 2014

Sébastien Balibar

21 May 2014, 2.30 pm

SISSA – Main Lecture Hall

When looking for an answer to a problem we may come across a very different solution from what we expected and end up discovering new phenomena and expanding scientific knowledge.

That's what happened to Sébastien Balibar, director of research at the Statistical Physics Laboratory of the École Normale Supérieure of Paris, who was looking for a supersolid when he found "giant" plasticity. Balibar will tell us about these discoveries at the next SISSA colloquium, on May 21 at 2.30 pm.

Il Ris di Parma alla SISSA - Due seminari sulle investigazioni scientifiche

Il Master in Comunicazione della Scienza organizza un appuntamento da non perdere per tutti quelli che vogliono sapere di piu' sulle investigazioni scientifiche. Giampietro Lago, comandante del RIS di Parma, terra' due seminari intitolati "Il reperto biologico: dalla scena del crimine al laboratorio genetico" e "Prova scientifica forense: qualità e quantità". I due seminari saranno consecutivi.