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The Invertebrate Brain

18 Aprile 2013

1-13 July 2013

SISSA, Via Bonomea 265 - Trieste 

3rd Neurobiology Summer School

The School focused on understanding the neurobiological basis of behavior in the simple nervous system of the leech, with the aim of teaching:

Scientists illustrate Planck’s Universe

04 Aprile 2013

Wednesday April 10th at 11am 
SISSA - Main Lecture Hall

A few days after the publication in the Astronomy & Astrophysics review of the results of the first fifteen months of observation carried out by the Planck satellite, a public conference has been held at SISSA. The scientists of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) of Trieste and of INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste (INAF-OATS) have shown and illustrated to the audience the image of the "child" Universe as observed by the instruments onboard the Planck satellite.

The illness within

02 Aprile 2013

Monday April 8th at 11.30 am 
SISSA - Lecture Room 128

A special encounter has been held at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) of Trieste featuring Charles Sabine, journalist and "future" Huntington's chorea patient. Sabine gave the audience his unique personal account and addressed the importance of genetic research in fighting neurodegenerative diseases, the type of research carried out at SISSA. The event was organized by the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Advanced Studies (LISNU) and the PHD course in Structural and Functional Genomics.

La denuncia dei "cervelli rientrati"

28 Marzo 2013

28 marzo 2013

Quattordici "cervelli in fuga" rientrati in Italia, fra cui due ricercatori della Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA) di Trieste, hanno inviato una lettera aperta al ministro Francesco Profumo per chiedere razionalità e tempi certi nelle procedure per continuare a fare ricerca nel nostro Paese. I vizi burocratici e la lentezza nei processi di valutazione, infatti, rischiano di lasciarli senza lavoro e costringerli a tornare all'estero.


Planck's 'child' universe

21 Marzo 2013

21 March 2013

The Planck satellite, launched in 2009 by ESA (the European Space Agency) examines the origin of the Universe: after almost three years the data regarding the first fifteen months of observations have finally been published, describing a Universe that is still in its "child" phase. Besides numerous international agencies, also three Trieste institutes take part in the initiative: the International School of Advanced Studies, Osservatorio Astronomico of Trieste (INAF) and Università di Trieste.