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Challenge your assumptions

11 Giugno 2013

"Challenge Your Assumptions": una serata per discutere di nuove tecnologie e tendenze e del loro impatto sul nostro futuro. Il tutto parte da RE-SEED, un progetto per sostenere l'occupazione di giovani che hanno un elevato grado di istruzione e che vede la SISSA partner con l'Università di Udine e Friuli Innovazione.

Guided tours at SISSA: a great success

10 Giugno 2013

The time of the year devoted to guided tours at SISSA of Trieste involving students has just ended. The initiative has been a great success: bookings were "sold out" almost from the very start and the schools that took part in the initiative expressed great satisfaction.

The involvement of students and post-doc fellows at SISSA has been a key factor, as they all participated enthusiastically as "hosts" and guides. This is the first time that SISSA experiments with this new formula that will be definitely repeated next season

The secret life of knots

10 Giugno 2013

The scientific journal Macromolecules dedicates the cover of this month's issue (available online from June 11th) to a research coordinated by Cristian Micheletti of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA). Micheletti and his colleagues,

that include Luca Tubiana (a former SISSA student, now working at the Josef Stefan Institute of Ljubljana) and Angelo Rosa (a researcher at SISSA) simulated the dynamics of the movements with which a polymer tends to knot.

How do cold ions slide

23 Maggio 2013

One of the challenges faced by those who study friction is finding a connection between the phenomena observed within the macroworld and those in the nanoworld.

The stick-slip, a phenomenon observed at every scale when two surfaces slide on one another, could be the starting point to identify such connection. The scientists at SISSA have studied such phenomenon through a system of "trapped cold ions".

A network in Vietnam

16 Maggio 2013

SISSA has always kept focus on the international scientific scene. In such a vein, a recent activity was the creation of a network with some research institutes in Vietnam in view of top-level training in the field of Functional and Structural Genomics.

Two professors of the PhD course in Functional and Structural Genomics at SISSA, Giuseppe Legname (SISSA) and Paolo Carloni (German Research School for Simulation Sciences, Jülich), recently went to Ho Chi Min City to organize a Neurobiology course, dealing with both experimental and computational aspects.

A trick to fold proteins more quickly

08 Maggio 2013

A team of researchers of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) of Trieste and of University of Cambridge have devised a method to reduce the time used to simulate how proteins take on their signature three-dimensional shape.

Such important information to comprehend their function is usually obtained using often very costly experimental techniques.