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Tidy knots are faster

25 Novembre 2013

The key pathway by which viruses "attack" consists in releasing viral DNA into the infected cell, taking over the host cell's transcription mechanisms and using them to reproduce itself.

In order to fight or exploit to our benefit the action of viruses, scientists are trying to understand this process in detail. A group of researchers – one of whom from SISSA – has studied the timescale of DNA "ejection" (how long it takes and what is the precise sequence of events), and found that it depends on the degree and manner of entanglement of the double strand of DNA inside the virus.

Shortlisted for the Barilla award

22 Novembre 2013

Helping people waste less food: this is the aim of the project of three former students of the SISSA Master's in Complex Actions, among the ten finalists for the YES 2013 award offered by the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition.

The project, started while attending the Master's course in 2012, proposes a new way of recording and reducing the amount of food that families waste, and is especially aimed at young people (with the collaboration of schools).

Farewell to the father of Trieste City of Science

15 Novembre 2013

Paolo Budinich, founder of SISSA and creator of the "Trieste System", which made the city a centre of excellence in the international science scene as well as an important beacon for science education in developing countries, died on November 14, 2013. SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies pays tribute to this great man, who will also be celebrated on the occasion of the Welcome Day, the annual public event to welcome new students, which will be held on November 20.

SISSA Welcome Day: focussing on students

14 Novembre 2013

November 20th 2013 

From 9.30 AM onwards

SISSA, Main Lecture Hall

Once again this year, Sissa hosted the traditional Welcome Day to welcome new students and publicly present its activities. The event provided an opportunity to make an assessment of the past year's work, to award a number of students and staff members for their achievements and to introduce the latest projects, like this year's Sissa Carpooling. 

New deadline for MCA enrolment

12 Novembre 2013

As of November 1, enrolments are open for the fourth edition of the Master's in Complex Actions (MCA) promoted by the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) of Trieste, a course that combines the frontiers of science with business practices, to provide an innovative response to global challenges.

Course announcement and online enrolment form on the MCA website

Viewpoints on the point

11 Novembre 2013

A point may sound like a trivial matter and yet it is a key concept in science and one that has engaged not only mathematicians – who have tried to define it since the early days of this science – but also philosophers, physicists, and theologians. Researchers from different disciplines met at SISSA to discuss this "elusive" topic.

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The chromosome geographer

16 Ottobre 2013

Thomas Cremer

October 23rd 2013, at 2.30 pm

SISSA, Main Lecture Hall

Among the most interesting discoveries in recent decades, the one that cellular DNA does not appear as a shapeless tangle, but rather is arranged into discrete "geographic" territories may be considered truly revolutionary. The first to suggest these chromosome "maps" was Thomas Cremer, a scientist whose studies represent a milestone in the fields of biology and genetics. Cremer gave a public lecture at SISSA, on Wednesday October 23.