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SISSA Colloquium | Consciousness and our place in nature

What is consciousness, and what is its neural substrate in the brain? Why does consciousness fade with dreamless sleep even though the brain remains active? Giulio Tononi, neuroscientist and psychiatrist of the University of Wisconsin, will introduce the Integrated information theory (IIT) as an attempt to answer these and other questions in a principled manner.


A new appointment within the Navigando initiative to talk about designing the ship of the future by new emerging technologies, shape optimisation techniques, digital twin(s) and HPC solutions. With Christian Veldhuis (MARIN), Matteo Diez (CNR INM) and Antonio Traverso (CETENA).

The event is free, but registration is encouraged at mareFVG.

Scienza e Virgola

Scienza e Virgola, the Science and Media Festival is back: books, documentaries, workshops and a theatrical performance to discover Science. The event is organized by SISSA Master in Science Communication "Franco Prattico".

Remembering Boris Dubrovin

With great sadness we announce the passing of Boris Dubrovin, extraordinary mathematical physicist, a great colleague, and friend, after a protracted illness. Boris Dubrovin, professor of Mathematics at SISSA, died on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, after a long and courageous battle with ALS. He was 68. Boris arrived at SISSA in 1993 as  distinguished Professor of Mathematical Physics and he served as director of the Mathematical Physics Group and the Mathematics area for several years.

Sissa is partner in Underwater Blue Efficiency 2 project

SISSA is one of the partners in the project UBE 2 (Underwater Blue Efficiency 2). The project, which started on 1 December 2018, is led by Monte Carlo Yachts S.p.A. Ube 2 is co-founded by Fondo Europeo per lo Sviluppo Regionale. The final goal of the project is to deeply understand the physical vibratory phenomenon in sailing and to develop a ship design method that can mitigate or stop it. The project duration is 30 months with financial support in the amount of 587.127.26 Euros.

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01 Gennaio 2020

Dalla nascita dello European Research Council nel 2007, la SISSA ha ottenuto 24 prestigiosi finanziamenti ERC. La Scuola conferma così la sua eccellenza e si colloca ai primi posti tra gli istituti italiani ospitanti, ...

Corsi di Dottorato alla SISSA: è on line la procedura per la selezione di candidati internazionali

La SISSA apre le preselezioni per i corsi di dottorato per l'Anno Accademico 2019/20 nei seguenti campi:

Fisica astroparticellare; Astrofisica e cosmologia; Fisica teorica delle particelle (scadenza 15 gennaio)

Geometria e Fisica matematica; Analisi matematica, modelli e applicazioni (scadenza 15 gennaio)

Neuroscienze Cognitive (scadenza 28 febbraio)