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IFPU Inauguration Ceremony

SISSA, ICTP, INAF and INFN launch the Institute for Fundamental Physics of the Universe - IFPU with a talk by George Ellis, Fellow of the Royal Society and of The World Academy of Sciences, emeritus distinguished professor at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

The event will take place at SISSA Miramare Campus.

SISSA Colloquium | Novel Directions in the Search for New Physics

Asimina Arvanitaki of the Perimeter Institute, Canada, will show how black holes or precision experiments may provide us with evidence on the presence of new physics.

SISSA Colloquia are part of the celebration of the School's 40th Anniversary. They are intended as a moment of interdisciplinary exchange and a way to reaffirm the sense of belonging to our community.

European Researchers' Night

A rich programme of activities for people of all ages: hands-on experiments, meetings, exhibitions, science games and much more in Piazza Unità and around the city centre. Visit our stand and check out the programme in due course to meet SISSA researchers. For more information on the local edition see: 

The European Researchers' Nights have been organised every September since 2005. In 2018 events will take place in over 340 cities across Europe and in neighbouring countries.


Progetto FINCANTIERI – bando di ammissione

Nell'ambito dell'accordo firmato con Fincantieri SpA, la SISSA annuncia una selezione per il conferimento di una borsa di studio per seguire un corso di dottorato. Il titolo del progetto è "Design strutturale parametrico di navi da crociera con l'applicazione di metodi di ordine ridotto per l'efficienza computazionale".

La ricerca si concentrerà sul miglioramento degli strumenti per calcolare le dimensioni ottimali delle parti interne delle navi da crociera costruite dal gruppo cantieristico.

SIAM SISSA Colloquia 2018

On Thursday 5 July 5 2018, the SIAM SISSA Colloquia 2018 will take place at SISSA room 128, starting from 5 pm.

The scheduled speakers are Professor Jacopo Stoppa with a talk entitled "Recent advances in complex differential geometry" and Prof. Nicola Gigli who will discuss "Spaces with Ricci curvature bounded from below: state of the art and future challanges".

More information and detailed programme here.