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Symmetries of Kaehler manifolds, dynamics and moduli spaces

In the past ten years automorphisms of Kaehler manifolds have been studied from different points of view: algebraic geometry, dynamics and number theory. The techniques used vary from analysis and dynamics to algebraic geometry. The aim is to bring together world leading experts from different research fields to gain a global and deeper understanding of the subject. The themes covered will be: constructions of bi-rational maps, dynamics of meromorphic maps, moduli spaces, foliations.

Solid Math

Mathematical research in Sold State Physics, with particular emphasis on the geometric and topological aspects of solutions of Schroedinger's equation, have led to a significant improvement of our understandeng of the stuctural aspects of matter. The meeting proposed will gather together some of the most prominent experts in the field, both in the mathematical side and on the theoretical physical side and will be importat to foster the scientific activity in SISSA in this field.