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20 maggio 2014 - ore 10.00

Ospedale Cattinara

Strada di Fiume, 447 - Trieste

Raffaella Calligaris, neuroscienziata della SISSA, farà un intervento pubblico sull'identificazione di biomarcatori di malattia tramite un'analisi delle cellule del sangue nell'ambito convegno scientifico finale di presentazione del progetto D.NAMICA.

In search of the origins of the Universe

09 Maggio 2014

One of the major challenges of astrophysics today is to trace the origin and earliest development of the Universe. Planck is one of the most important missions in this respect. Today about one hundred scientists are busy analyzing the picture of fossil radiation "taken" by the ESA Planck satellite.

Many of these researchers will be meeting on May 12 at SISSA in Trieste for the "Planck Joint Core Team" conference, to assess what has been discovered so far. The conference is organized by SISSA and INAF-OATS.