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Living in Trieste

SISSA has no guesthouse and no students' dorms are available, it is highly advised to book an accommodation before reaching Trieste for at least the first few days/week/s. 

Italian and foreign students can normally find accommodation in Trieste within a few weeks from their arrival, although some periods/weeks during the year might result more "difficult" for what concerns available lodgings in the rather touristic town of Trieste (e.g., for "Barcolana": the sailing boats competition takes place on the second Sunday of October and residences, hotels and other accommodation solutions in Trieste might result fully booked during the two weeks that precede the event).

PhD Students, please note that you should provide the Students' Secretariat with a regular contract in order to be entitled to specific benefits or dedicated reimbursements. For further information  please consult the Students@SISSA wiki (current section of reference: Contribution towards living expenses). Newly admitted PhD students: check also eligibility for the Contribution to relocation from abroad.

Important information about Rent contracts

A regularly registered rent contract is a requisite to obtain a Permit of Stay for non-EU citizens (be this for Study, Research, Work, or Family), and to obtain registration into the resident population of Trieste (all nationalities, Italian included).

Free assistance to tenants in case of issues arising with landlords and with reference to regularly registered rent contracts can be asked to one of the "Sindacato Inquilini" operating in town (e.g., sedi e orari friuli venezia giulia ( Unione Nazionale Inquilini Ambiente e Territorio | UIL fvg , Friuli Venezia Giulia - ).

Make sure to sign a regular rental contract and ascertain that all compulsory communications are fulfilled in due time (for example, swift registration of the rent contract to allow your access to Registry office of Trieste Townhall, "Cessione di Fabbricato" to non-EU citizens, acquisition of Idoneità Abitativa certificate for obtaining a visa or Permit of Stay for dependent Family members, non-EU citizens).

Information in English relative to these procedures and their accomplishment in Trieste can be found in the dedicated section of the Welcome Office FVG: Formalities for guests and family members | Welcome Office FVG

Moving to Trieste and Sissa

Italian and foreign students can normally find accommodation in Trieste within a few weeks from their arrival. Usually two or three students share a flat, costing from 200 to 400 Euro each per month. One can expect to pay from a minimum of about 200 Euro a month for a room in an apartment, and starting from 420 Euro a month for a studio or small apartment (utilities EXCLUDED, e.g. electricity, water, gas bills, waste tax & wiFi).

Rental lodgings in Trieste are generally fully furnished and require a caution (security deposit) to be paid along with the first month's rent. It's not uncommon for the deposit to be equivalent to two months' rent, which is usually returned to you at the end of the contract after verifying that no damages were made to the apartment and its contents.

If you need to receive additional luggage, please note that personal shipments cannot be ordered to Sissa's address, except for Amazon deliveries of books or small items. It's important to get organized, establish contacts with your group at Sissa, and plan or postpone the shipment after finding a stable address, as Sissa does not have an agreement with international shipping companies and cannot provide much assistance with this issue.

Before choosing a place for your first days in Trieste, take some time to familiarize yourself with Sissa's campus and its location. Reaching Sissa on foot or by bike can be a fitness activity as it is located on the top of a hill with a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea. Due to the shape of the town, there may not be multiple paths to get to Sissa, so you may prefer to choose a location for your accommodation that is convenient for daily commuting to Sissa (bus line 38 starts not far from the train station/piazza Oberdan; crucial hours can be crowded, e.g. 8am uphill to Sissa, 5 pm donwhill to town).

For members of the Physics and Mathematics Area, it's recommended to check with your scientific referent whether the location of your office might be assigned at Strada Costiera 11, ICTP campus (also known as the "old Sissa building"). Although this is very seldom the case, it's better to be prepared, as the route from Sissa to ICTP is not a straight path.

Transport facilities | Welcome Office FVG

Trieste Trasporti Spa Trasporto pubblico locale nella provincia di Trieste

Announcements of rooms or apartments available, or of students looking for fellow students to share, can be consulted on the noticeboard on the 2nd floor of the SISSA Main Building in front of the Students' Secretariat (Room 222), sometimes at the ground floor outside the Cafeteria.

Announcements can be found on the web and on social networks, but also by consulting the web site Welcome Office Accomodation. To get an idea about the place, in English: About - InTrieste ; for Housing-related issues, in English, useful tips are always available here: Private accommodation | Welcome Office FVG

Housing Service

SISSA's housing service is currently managed by TAG Immobiliare in the form of an online noticeboard reserved to Sissa's personnel, guests and students (private accommodation: each landlord is responsible for their offers/requirements and contractual relationship with the tenant/s). Please note: none of the private lodgings is reserved to, nor sponsored by Sissa. 

For information and support, you can contact the Housing facility staff by email specifying your name, position and Area of study or research at SISSA. After Sissa confirms your status, you will be granted access to the HousingSISSA service which will facilitate the selection of available accommodation opportunities (apartments and rooms).


For information, support or access to available accommodation, please contact the Housing servicestaff by email ( ) specifying your name, position and Area of study or research/work at SISSA (Physics, Neuroscience, Mathematics, Interdisciplinary Laboratory or Administration).

Please remeber to insert in copy to your first email the reference Secretariat or office in Sissa’s administration who can confirm your “belonging to Sissa’s community”, but also for the activation of the service in your name.

After Sissa confirms your status, you will be granted access to the online notice board "Sissa-tenants preferred", which will facilitate the selection of accommodation opportunities (apartments and rooms) available in Trieste.



iNFORMAZIONI UTILI per chi volesse segnalare la disponibilità di un proprio alloggio da affittare a studenti o ricercatori della SISSA: potete contattare l'ufficio di riferimento dell'Amministrazione SISSA (Ufficio Ricerca e Relazioni Internazionali) al contatto mail per ricevere istruzioni aggiornate. Per il nostro personale, spesso proveniente da fuori regione e anche dall'estero, la vostra disponibilità è di grande aiuto!


When time has come for you to leave Trieste, or your personal needs lead you to move to another lodging in town, please remember to contact the Research and International Relations office at their dedicated alias housing@sissa to let them know about a newly available accommodation that you will shortly leave. As you probably know by now, finding a place in Trieste is not always that easy, please help us to help at best your fellow students and researchers!


Additional services for foreigners

Besides their noticeboard, the HousingSissa staff is available to help you with housing- and lodging-related procedures, when available resources are not sufficient for you to handle the issue autonomously (web-based translation engines, community-based groups and socials...), for example:

  • general information on tenancy agreements and housing fees (waste tax, tv tax, etc.);
  • language assistance if you do not speak Italian to prevent misunderstandings;
  • assistance with utility-related procedures (electricity, gas, phone line and internet connection, etc.).

At your request, the housing service will give you advice to ensure that you sign a regular rental contract and all due communications are fulfilled in due time ("Cessione di Fabbricato" to non-EU citizens, swift registration of the rent contract to allow your access to Registry office of Trieste Townhall). A regularly registered rent contract is a requisite to obtain a Permit of Stay for non-EU citizens, and to obtain registration into the resident population of Trieste (all nationalities, Italian included).

In order to improve the housing facility, a feedback form will be sent to you at a later stage. Thank you in advance for your collaboration

DON’T MISS: The Welcome Office FVG portal

Information and assistance to international students and researchers before and during their stay in Friuli Venezia Giulia: Take the time to browse the Accommodation section and familiarize yourself with the rental terminology!

Welcome Office FVG

Welcome Office FVG is a one-stop-shop dedicated to providing free information and personalized support on mobility-related issues for international students and researchers in the region Friuli Venezia Giulia (FVG, where Trieste-TS is located). The WO-FVG informative website offers a wealth of tools and info-sheets, including information on accommodation, public transport, Italian language courses, relocating with family, and the so-called 'idoneità alloggiativa' (certificate of suitability of accommodation - required documentation for family members of students, such as family reunion visas or accompanying family members' Permit of Stay).

Take the time to explore the top and side menus, as well as the dedicated sections on the Welcome Office portal. Familiarize yourself with the rental jargon in Italian ('affitto', 'stanza', 'appartamento', etc.), which can help you expand your search on the web or social networks.

Make sure to create your to-do list and gather all the necessary information before reaching, or before leaving Trieste, including information on accommodation and other important aspects of your stay. You can also find additional information under the News or Glossary sections.