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PhD courses

Every year SISSA issues a PhD ANNOUNCEMENT open to candidates from all over the world. In order to participate, candidates have to register on the Online Application and fill the relevant fields. In case of doubt we have prepared a PhD Application FAQ

Since selections are based on the evaluation of academic qualifications as well as exams held in Trieste, International candidates are STROGLY invited to apply in the "Preselection for International (non-EU) candidates" sessions. Exceptions are the PhD courses Molecular Biology (JuMBo), Statistical Physics and Theory and Numerical Simulation of the Condensed Matter, that will base the admission (besides the evaluation of academic titles) on an interview that could be taken also by videoconference (i.e. Skype) so both European and International candidates can participate.

If you wish to have more information we suggest you to visit the PhD courses section or to contact the Principal Investigator (PI) listed on the faculty members page in each PhD website, for further discussion about our research.

If you need more administrative information or run into any technical problems in the application process, feel free to contact the Students' Secretariat 

For more information about visas, accommodation, health and daily life in Trieste and its Region we suggest you to visit the Welcome Office web page