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The protein that assesses distances

19 Maggio 2016
To move DNA “beads” along the strand

A protein of the ISWI family (Imitation Switch, or nucleosome remodelling motors) is endowed with a special property: despite having no organ of sense it is nonetheless able to assess the length of DNA strands. A study just published in the Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment and carried out by SISSA, the MAX Planck Institute and the NIH has discovered how it works.

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Una proteina della famiglia delle ISWI (Imitation Switch, o motori rimodellanti dei nucleosomi) ha una facoltà speciale: senza alcun organo di senso a disposizione è in grado tuttavia di valutare la lunghezza di segmenti di DNA. Uno studio pubblicato sul Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment targato SISSA, MAX Planck Institutes e NIH ha scoperto come fa.

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