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The Invertebrate Brain

18 Aprile 2013
From Neurons to Behavior

1-13 July 2013

SISSA, Via Bonomea 265 - Trieste 

3rd Neurobiology Summer School

The School focused on understanding the neurobiological basis of behavior in the simple nervous system of the leech, with the aim of teaching:

  • how to obtain electrical recordings from single and multiple neurons using intracellular and extracellular methods;
  • how to obtain imaging data; 
  • how to relate these data to behavior;
  • how to formalize in mathematical terms leech neurobiology.

It was divided into 2 separate sessions: a morning session of tutorial lectures that is open to all interested students and scientists. These lectures was free of charge. In the afternoon there was a practical sessions introducing participants to experimental methods.

These practical sessions was restricted to a limited number of registered students. Applicants had to be active in neuroscience research, preferably undergraduate and PhD students or post-doctoral researchers.


  • William Kristan - UCSD (USA)
  • Kathleen French - UCSD (USA)
  • Ronald L. Calabrese - Emory (USA)
  • Angela Wenning - Emory (USA)
  • Vincent Torre - SISSA (Italy)
  • Giulietta Pinato - University of Nova Gorica (Slovenia)


  • Anatomy and physiology of the leech
  • Electrical and optical recordings
  • Neuronal basis of leech behaviors: swimming, crawling, feeding
  • Decision making and social interactions: experiments and theoretical approaches
  • Computational Neuroscience: spike sorting, neuronal coding, population dynamics

How to apply:

The registration fee for the practical lectures is 300 euros for the entire duration of the School. SISSA Scholarships was available.

Costs for travel, accommodation and meals was not covered by the registration fee.

Deadline for applications: June 3rd 2013.

Since the maximum number of participants is 10, the results of the selection was communicate shortly after the deadline.




Sponsored by SISSA and the European Union (Project Si-Code, Contract n.284553) in collaboration with the University of Trieste