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Ricordando Boltzmann

Il gruppo di fisica statistica della SISSA inaugura la prossima settimana la prima Boltzmann Lecture, un evento dedicato al grande fisico viennese nella ricorrenza della sua nascita. A dare il via a questa iniziativa un ospite di eccezione, Immanuel Bloch, direttore generale...

ENS de Lyon incontra la SISSA

È iniziato ieri, martedì 5 dicembre 2017, a Lione un meeting dedicato alla SISSA e l'Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. "ENS de Lyon meets SISSA" è finalizzato a esplorare nuovi ambiti di ricerca all'interfaccia tra informatica, matematica e fisica. Tra i partecipanti: Pasquale Calabrese, professore in fisica statistica alla SISSA, vincitore di recente di un Consolidator Grant dell'ERC ed Étienne Ghys, "directeur de recherche" all'École normale supérieure in Lyon e membro della French Académie des Sciences.

Trieste for Le Marche

SISSA Club and Trieste Folk are pleased to announce a very special event to support the reconstruction of a cultural center in the areas affected by last fall's earthquake in Central Italy.
There will be a dance workshop, a wonderful aperitif and a night concert.

The appointment is in front of the "P. Budinich" Main Lecture Hall, SISSA, on Saturday, November 25.

Not Only Physics

"Not Only Physics" is a series of informal meetings – not only for physicists – with former SISSA PhD students in Physics who are now employed outside academia, in major national and international companies. The two appointments are planned on 17 November and 1 December in SISSA.


SISSA SUMMER FESTIVAL is back with a show that joins science and cabaret. "Topi da laboratorio" is written and performed by a group of young researchers with different scientific backgrounds and experiences in science communication. At the centre of the story: a group of lab mice travelling to the space.

The performance will take place at 7 pm on Friday, 7 July, at SISSA's amphitheater (P. Budinich Main Hall in case of bad weather). The event (held in Italian) is free and open to the public.

Folk and tzigane music at SISSA

Folk and tzigane music from all over the world will be the protagonist of the 4th SISSA SUMMER FESTIVAL event scheduled for Sunday 2 July. The orchestra consists of 40 boys and girls and will be led by the conductor Martin Schaefer. The concert is organized by the “Associazione musicale piano S. Suzuki”, Trieste, and will take place at SISSA’s amphitheater starting from 7 p.m. (Image: iStock)

Joyce’s quark

Physics will be opening on Friday 16 June Bloomsday 2017, the event that, since several years, Trieste dedicates to James Joyce and his unforgettable character Leopold Bloom, the protagonist of his famous novel Ulysses. Giuseppe Mussardo, Professor of Theoretical Physics and Director of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory at SISSA, will start the programme with a conference entitled “The colour and the taste of quarks”.