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SISSA colloquium

Title: The Infinity Puzzle: From Abdus Salam to the Higgs Boson

Frank Close will charts a 50 year quest for the theory uniting the electromagnetic and weak forces - from Abdus Salam and John Ward's early efforts to the discovery of the Higgs Boson at the Large Hadron Collider.

Theoretical Particle Physics - PhD defences

On Monday September 16th several PhD defences of students beloning to SISSA Theoretical Particle Physics group will take place. The event
will be in room 004 with the following schedule:

9:15 M. Del Zotto (Supervisor: S. Cecotti)
"Four-dimensional N = 2 superconformal quantum field theories and

10:30 L. Di Pietro (Supervisor: M. Bertolini)
"Supersymmetry breaking, Gauge Mediation and Holography"

11:45 S. Giaccari (Supervisor: L. Bonora)
"Conformal Symmetry in String Field Theory and 4D Field Theories"