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Mechanics of soft materials and tissues: modeling, simulation and experiments

International Workshop

Monday, 7 May, 2012 to Wednesday, 9 May, 2012 / Meeting Room VII Floor

The focus of the workshop is to connect people with a background spanning from Physics of Soft Tissues, Continuum Mechanics and Applied Mathematics. 

The workshop is supported by the projects MathLCEs and BrainIFEM, and will cover three specific applications in the areas of biological tissues in pathological conditions, and synthetic tissues:

  • Mechanics of Brain Tissues
  • Tumor Growth and Therapy
  • Soft Actuators: Liquid Crystal Elastomers
  • Its main goal is to present state of the art research on the modeling, simulation and experimental measurements connected with the three topics.

The program consists of three lectures on the Continuum Mechanics background of each topic, complemented with plenary and invited talks.