Esami di Ammissione al Corso di Ph.D in Analisi Matematica, Modelli ed Applicazioni - Anno Accademico 2014/15

Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and Applications Ph.D Entrance Exams - Academic Year 2014/15
Descrizione / DescriptionExams will be held in Trieste.

Admission Procedure: Academic qualifications + written + oral
Admission to written with 7/10 on Academic Qualifications
Admission to oral with 28/40 on written
Tipo / TypePh.D.
Pubblicato / Published06/02/2014
Scadenza / Expiration01/09/2014
International CandidatesSince videoconference interview (i.e. Skype) is NOT foreseen, International (non-EU) candidates are strongly advise to apply to the "Spring preselection" (next announcement in January 2015)
Positions available after preselectionAfter the preselection for International (non-EU) students there are 6 (six) places left
Allegati / Attachments
   [PDF] Bando di Concorso
   [PDF] Announcement
   [PDF] Info Analisi Matematica, Modelli ed Appl.
   [PDF] Mathematical Analysis, Modelling and Appl. Info
   [PDF] Academic Qualifications Evaluation

Applications must be sent to the following address:

The Director
via Bonomea, 265
34136 Trieste

INFO: Students Secretariat
 tel.: +39 040 3787 452 / +39 040 3787 456
 fax: +39 040 3787 466