Geometric Control Theory and its Applications

Research Group :

A. Agrachev
A. Bressan
A. Marigo
O. Myasnichenko
Yu. Sachkov
M. Sigalotti

External collaborators :

F. Ancona (Bologna)
A. Bicchi (Pisa)
B. Bonnard (Dijon)
U. Boscain (Dijon)
Y. Chitour (Paris Orsay)
M. Chyba (Priston Univ.)
G. Crasta (Modena)
R. Gamkrelidze (Moscow Steklov Inst.)
J.P. Gauthier (Dijon)
S. Jacquet (Chambery)
M. Pelletier (Dijon)
B. Piccoli (Salerno)
A. Sarychev (Aveiro)
G. Stefani (Florence)
H.J. Sussmann (Rutgers Univ.)
E. Trelat (Dijon)
I. Zelenko (Haifa)
P.L. Zezza (Florence)

Research activity

The research topics are:

  • Controllability of nonlinear systems, in particular, global controllability of right-invariant systems on Lie groups and high-order conditions for local controllability.

  • Approximation with nilpotent systems, series expansions of the input-output map.

  • Feedback stabilization by discontinuous feedback with controlled singularities.

  • Invariants and normal forms of nonlinear systems with respect to state and feedback transformations.

  • Necessary and sufficient conditions for optimality, regularity properties of optimal trajectories and minimum time function.

  • Bang-bang property.

  • Optimal synthesis, its singularities and structural stability. Generic classifications in low dimensions.

  • Symplectic and topological invariants of optimal control problems and Hamiltonian systems.

  • Sub-Riemannian geometry and geometry of distributions.

  • Engineering applications of control theory; control of mechanical systems; motion planning.

  • Impulsive systems.

  • Discrete-time, hybrid, and switching systems.


    The weekly seminar on Geometric Control Theory and its Applications takes place on Wednesdays, at 14.30 in room L.
    All interested are welcome to participate.

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    Summer School on Mathematical Control Theory, ICTP, Trieste, 3 - 28 September 2001

    Workshop on "Mathematical Control Theory and Robotics", SISSA, 25 - 27 June 2000

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