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Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Flavour and Dark Matter: One Solution for Three Mysteries (DaMeSyFla)

Our Project

In the next five years, experiments will give us a unique opportunity to unravel the mysteries of Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Flavor and Dark Matter. The LHC at CERN will push the Energy frontier well into the TeV region and shed light on electroweak symmetry breaking. The LHCb experiment, super-B factories and other dedicated experiments, also in the lepton sector, will push forward the Intensity frontier and test the Standard Model description of flavor and CP violation with unprecedented accuracy. Earth- and space-based experiments will push forward the Astroparticle frontier, in particular direct and indirect searches for Dark Matter. Our goal is to identify a coherent explanation of the three mysteries, as complete and as unique as possible, by combining the vast information coming from the Energy, Intensity and Astroparticle frontiers. This requires a global strategy, making use of highly qualified competences in the relevant branches of theory and phenomenology. We will put together some of the leading particle theorists operating in SISSA, Padua and Rome into a unique and extraordinarily strong team. The variety of competences, ranging from phenomenological fits and data interpretation to unified models and fundamental theories, will be used to interpret the results coming from a wide range of experiments and to formulate a coherent framework to account for them.

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