1st meeting of the ERC project "Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Flavour and Dark Matter: One Solution for Three Mysteries (DaMeSyFla)"


SISSA, Room 5


Friday  February 3


Talks: 45'+10'


09:00-09:55 Jing Shu   Disentangling the Strong Dynamics through Quantum        Interferometry


09:55-10:50 Aleksandr Azatov Light Custodians ans Higgs Physics in Composite models


10:50-11:10 --- coffee break


11:10-12:05 Jamison Galloway Superconformal Technicolor and a light Higgs


12:05-13:00 Brando Bellazzini Goldstone Fermion Dark Matter


13:00-14:30 --- lunch


14:30-15:25 Claudia Hagedorn Lepton mixing in holographic composite Higgs models


15:25-16:20 Maurizio Pierini  Review of LHC results


16:20-16:30 --- coffee break


16:30-18:00 Discussion (for project members only)