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SISSA Colloquium | Quantifying Performance and Success in Science and Art

Budinich Main Lecture Hall

A talk by Roberta Sinatra of IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) on success in science and art as a way to testing our ability to measure and predict success. Sinatra will discuss in particular the role of luck in achieving success and will address the relation between performance and success in a variety of settings, highlighting the challenges of gauging performance through success.


SIAM Chapter Colloquia 2019 | Sparse Grids and their Impact on HPC and Big Data

What makes high-performance computing (HPC) actually high-performing? Besides the large-scale computational problems and the resulting need for large-scale computing infrastructure, it is, or should definitely be, the permanent striving for efficiency at all levels. Hanz-Joachim Bungartz of the Department of informatics, Technische Universität München (TUM), will give an overview of sparse grid methods as a prominent example of an algorithmic approach addressing various facets of efficiency.

SISSA Colloquium | Consciousness and our place in nature

What is consciousness, and what is its neural substrate in the brain? Why does consciousness fade with dreamless sleep even though the brain remains active? Giulio Tononi, neuroscientist and psychiatrist of the University of Wisconsin, will introduce the Integrated information theory (IIT) as an attempt to answer these and other questions in a principled manner.