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Theoretical Particle Physics - PhD defences

Monday, 16 September, 2013 - 09:15 to 17:15

On Monday September 16th several PhD defences of students beloning to SISSA Theoretical Particle Physics group will take place. The event
will be in room 004 with the following schedule:

9:15 M. Del Zotto (Supervisor: S. Cecotti)
"Four-dimensional N = 2 superconformal quantum field theories and

10:30 L. Di Pietro (Supervisor: M. Bertolini)
"Supersymmetry breaking, Gauge Mediation and Holography"

11:45 S. Giaccari (Supervisor: L. Bonora)
"Conformal Symmetry in String Field Theory and 4D Field Theories"

15:00 N. Dinh Dinh (Supervisor: S. Petcov)
"Probing the Possible TeV Scale See-saw Origin of Neutrino Masses with
Charged Lepton Flavour Violaiton Processes and Neutrino Mass Spectroscopy
Using Atoms"

16:15 L. Rachwal (Supervisor: R. Percacci)
"Models for RG running for Gravitational couplings and applications"

Everybody is welcome to attend.