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Sciama SISSA Colloquium - Gravitation and the quantum vacuum - Theodor Jacobson, University of Maryland

Wednesday, 19 October, 2022 - 17:00

Gravitation and the quantum vacuum - Sciama SISSA Colloquium 
Theodor Jacobson, University of Maryland
Aula 128-129, 17:00 PM, SISSA 

50 years ago Bekenstein introduced the strange notion of black hole entropy to save the second law of thermodynamics, and Hawking's discovery of black hole radiation revealed that this entropy arises from the quantum vacuum. In this talk I'll explain
the entropy of the vacuum, and how vacuum thermodynamics leads to Einstein's law of gravitation governing the curvature of the spacetime metric, as well as why the ultimate melding of gravity and the quantum vacuum is not yet fully understood.