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Joint ICTP-SISSA Colloquium: "The value of science" by Nobel laureate Giorgio Parisi

Friday, 22 October, 2021 - 11:00

“Science is very ancient. The first scientists were those who discovered fire or tamed animals. Over the centuries and millennia, science has taken on a whole new meaning. Today, therefore, it is something very different from what it was in the beginning. In this seminar I will talk about how science has evolved, what is its meaning now and what are the duties of scientists”. 

It is with these words that Giorgio Parisi, 2021 Nobel laureate in Physics, introduces "The Value of Science", the seminar organized as part of ICTP-SISSA joint colloquia. This is the first public talk by Parisi since the announcement of the award by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on 5 October.

For more information and to register, see here.

Please also note that the event will also be livestreamed on the ICTP’s YouTube Channel.