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CMB and Cosmological Perturbations Jan 15 - Feb 31 2
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Carlo Baccigalupi Mon and Wed, 11:30-13:00 2


1. Introduction and background cosmology
2. Classification and Fourier expansion of linear cosmological perturbations in general relativity
3. Perturbations to the metric and stress energy tensors, gauges
4,5. Gauge transformations and effects. Perturbed Einstein and conservation equations
6,7. Super-horizon evolution. Sub-horizon evolution
8. Harrizon Zeldovich spectrum
9. CMB physics
10. Boltzmann equation, gravitational and Thomson scattering
11,12,13. Phenomenology of CMB anisotropies. The observed CMB angular power spectrum. Relation with cosmological observables
14. Status of CMB observations and future expectations



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