Gravity as Thermodynamics: towards the microscopic origin of geometry

ESF Exploratory Workshop

5-8 September – 2011

SISSA/ISAS Trieste – Italy

Conference Program

Schedule of Talks

Mon 05 Tue 06 Wed 07 Thu 08
8:30–9:30 Registration
9:30–10:10 Registration &
Welcome (10:00)
Yaron Oz
Gravity and hydrodynamics
Bianca DittrichTowards the many particle regime of quantum gravity models: baby spin foams and nets Rafael Sorkin
A quantum field theory with a covariant cutoff in which black hole radiance could be studied
10:10–10:50 Ted Jacobson
Horizon entropy and higher curvature equations of state
Fotini MarkopoulouEffective geometries in spin systems Francois David
Remarks about causality and reversibility in quantum theory (and quantum gravity?)
Helen Fay Dowker
Entropy of causal horizons from Causal Sets
10:50–11:20 Coffee Break
11:20–12:00 Thanu Padmanabhan
Gravity as an emergent phenomenon: status and prospects
Annalisa MarzuoliSpin networks: from quantum topology to quantum computing and back Serena Fagnocchi
Gravity, cold atoms and analogue models: from theory to experiment (from kinematics to thermodynamics?)
Renaud Parentani
Diffeomorphism invariance and emergence of probabilities in Quantum Cosmology
12:00–12:30 Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion
12:30–13:45 Lunch Break
13:45–14:00 Sauro Succi
ESF Delegate
14:00–14:40 Jan de BoerBlack holes - some lessons from AdS/CFT Ruth M Williams
Introduction to Quantum Regge Calculus
Steve Carlip
Pitfalls for emergent gravity: an outsider view
Bei-Lok Hu
Gravity and thermodynamics:
What exactly do we want?
14:40–15:20 Matt Visser
Conservative entropic forces
Dario Benedetti
Quantum gravity and critical phenomena
Discussion Discussion
15:20–15:50 Coffee Break Coffee Break
15:50–16:30 Sera Cremonini
Lessons from holography: probing universality
Daniel Litim
Black hole thermodynamics and the renormalisation group
Discussion on follow-up
16:30-18:30 Discussion Discussion

Special Events

Social dinner: Wednesday 7th, 8:00 pm
Ristorante Menarosti, Via del Toro, 12


The talks take place in the Big Meeting Room on the 7th floor at SISSA, Trieste.