Astroparticle Physics was chosen as one of the preeminent interests of SISSA for the next future. It is an interdisciplinary field merging astrophysics, cosmology, and particle physics, aims at addressing fundamental issues ranging from origin of the universe and the nature of gravity to the understanding of dark matter and dark energy. In recent years this field has witnessed a rapid growth, also in connection to the wealth of new data and rich experimental programs in progress. The aim of the group is to conjugate these exciting phenomenological developments to the forefront of the theoretical research in the field.

The research group includes 4 faculty plus 7 affiliated members from SISSA, ICTP and OAT. It also comprises 4 postdoctoral fellows and 16 graduate students. This activity covers a wide spectrum of research lines, ranging from fundamental interactions and their cosmological implications to alternatives classical and quantum theories of gravitation to particle astrophysics and the nature of dark energy/dark matter.

Researchers, postdocs and students working at SISSA can also take advantage of the rich environment of scientific institutions present in the Trieste area, such as the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), the Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) and the Astronomical Observatory of Trieste, with whom collaborations and diverse joint activities are promoted.