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Cosmology: from Early Universe to Galaxy Formation I 3.5
Luigi Danese


1. Cosmological Principle: facts and hypothesis
2. RW metrics The expanding Universe: the redshift. Distances in Cosmology
3. Field Equations and Dynamics of the Universe. Cosmological parameters
4,5. Observational probes: distances, times, number counts, luminosity functions, intergalactic absorption, gravitational lensing, BAOs
6. The main components of the Universe
7. Fundamental Cosmological problems
8. Thermal history of the Universe. Boltzmann Equation. Decoupling of species (cold-warm and hot relics)
9,10. Particles abundances. The primordial nucleo-synthesis: theory and observations
11,12. Formation and evolution of the CMB spectrum (SZ effect). The history of (re-)combination and Last Scattering Surface



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