Course Dates Credits
Stellar Structure and Evolution I 3.5
Alessandro Bressan


1. Stars and Stellar Populations
2,3. The equations of stellar structure
4. Numerical Methods. Solution of the system of stellar structure equations
5. Pre Main Sequence evolution. Cloud collapse, fragmentation and contraction. Low temperature nuclear reactions
6,7. The Main Sequence. PP nuclear reactions and CNO cycle. Diffusion and mixing of elements
8. Post Main Sequence. Evolution of low/intermediate mass stars. Red Giant Branch. Helium flash and its Burning Phase
9. The Horizontal Branch. Evolution of intermediate mass stars. The Asymptotic Giant Branch
10. Massive stars. Stellar evolution with mass loss. Nuclear reactions in the advanced phases.
11. Supernovae. Core Collapse. Type Ia Supernovae
12. Population Synthesis
13. The first stars: formation and evolution



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