Alessandro Bressan

Full Professor
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+39 040 3787 559
Carlos Alonso Alvarez, Cristiano Ugolini, Francesco Addari, Mattia Mencagli, Kendall Shepherd

Research interests

    • Stellar Structure and Evolution Physics of stars. Calculation of stellar evolutionary tracks for stellar population studies of resolved and unresolved stellar systems. All masses from very low (0.1 Msun) to very massive (>200 Msun) are evolved until advanced phases. Very broad range of initial chemical composition and partition of heavy elements are considered. Formation of stellar Black Holes and prediction of the mass spectrum of compact stellar remnants at different metallicities. Dark matter annihilation effects on the first stars.

    • Population synthesis Isochrones in several photometric systems for the analysis of resolved stellar populations, such as star clusters in the Galaxy and in other nearby galaxies.

    • Spectral Evolution of Galaxies. Panchromatic integrated properties of star clusters and galaxies, from the far ultraviolet to mid/far Infrared and millimetre/radio wavelengths. Chemo-spectro-photometric models of galaxies, in a comprehensive range of magnitudes and colours, integrated spectra and narrow band indices. Dusty star forming galaxies. Early Type galaxies in the Mid Infrared.

    • Interstellar medium Dust Formation in AGB and Massive stars and prediction of dust yields in different stellar environments.

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