14th-17th October 2013, SISSA (Trieste, Italy)


Abstract of the talks presented at DSU 2013 workshop can be found here: Talks

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Dark Matter in Galaxies, Groups and Clusters; Simulations of Galaxy/Cluster Formation.
    De Zotti Self-regulated evolution of spheroidal galaxies and active nuclei
    Maio The birth of the first tiny objects
    Rovira Accurate Theoretical Density Profile and Mass Function of CDM Haloes
    Fuertes Canonical Halo Mass Definition and Universal Mass Function
    Hague A Bayesian Method for Constraining Dark Matter Halo Profiles
    Villaescusa-Navarro Clustering properties in cosmologies with massive neutrinos
    Musso Probing the Universe with halo mass function and bias
    Dunsby Shining light on the nature of f(R) dark energy

Dark Matter candidates; Dark Matter searches.
    Pyungwon Ko Generic aspects of Higgs portal DM and Higgs phenomenology
    Tytgat Significant Bremsstrahlung from the Vector-Like Portal
    Hambye Effective Theory of DM decay into gamma-ray lines
    Comelli DM & EW corrections
    Beck Axionic Dark Matter as an Astrophysical Probe
    Kersten Dark Radiation from Particle Decay
    Lineros Probing interactions within the dark matter sector via extra radiation contributions
    Csaba Balazs Dark matter, Higgs boson and supergravity
    Mambrini Z' and dark matter
    Yaguna Models of dark matter and neutrino masses
    Kulkarni Introducing SModelS with an application to light neutralino DM
    Farzan Natural explanation for 130 GeV photon line within vector boson dark matter model
    Garcia Cely Novel Gamma-ray Spectral Features in the Inert Doublet Model
    Lopez Gehler Constraining dark matter scenarios with gamma-ray boxes
    Seto Dirac sneutrino as a GeV mass dark matter
    Morselli Dark Matter Signals in the gamma-ray sky
    Landsman The Xenon project: Past, Present, & Future
    Gondolo Halo-independent analysis of direct detection data
    Lamperstorfer Dark matter annihilations and decays after the AMS-02 positron measurements
    Gaggero Dimensional models of CR propagation
    Wild High-energy neutrino signals from the Sun in Dark Matter scenarios with internal bremsstrahlung
    Munoz Constraints on WIMP Annihilation for Contracted Dark Matter in the Inner Galaxy with the Fermi-LAT
    Zhou Implications of the recent AMS-02 results on dark matter annihilation and decay
    Gomez Vargas Dark Matter implications of Fermi-LAT measurement of anisotropies in the diffuse gamma-ray background
    Nesti Dark matter distribution in the Galaxy
    Mesinger Probing dark mater with the cosmological 21cm signal
    Sefusatti Uncertainties in the extragalactic gamma-ray signal from Dark Matter annihilation
    Meehan Dark Matter relic abundance in non-standard cosmologies
    Chechin Some New Astronomical Consequences of the Dark Matter Conception

Cosmology. Dark Energy. Planck Science.
    Natoli Highlights from the 2013 Planck cosmology
    Shafi Will Planck Observe Gravity Waves?
    Killadar Aiding cluster cosmology with simulations
    Taylor Direct Shear Mapping: using IFU data to measure weak gravitational lensing
    Bonometto Strongly coupled Dark Energy cosmologies
    Piedipalumbo High Redshift Investigation On The Dark Energy Equation of State
    Evoli Unveiling the nature of Dark Matter from the high-redshift Universe
    Cerezo The importance of being warm (during inflation)

Modifying Newton-Einstein theory of gravity? Abandoning the LCDM Universe paradigm?
    Lobo Foundations of (modified) gravitation theory
    Saridakis f(T) Gravity and Cosmology
    Golovnev On gravitational collapse in MOND
    Minamitsuji Degravitation features in the cascading gravity model
    Narimani Minimal Parameterizations of modified gravity
    Spaans A topological extension of GR: Black holes induce dark energy
    De Vega Warm Dark Matter: the New Paradigm
    Fanizza An exact Jacobi map in the geodesic light-cone (GLC) gauge
    Chinaglia Cyclically deformed defects