14th-17th October 2013, SISSA (Trieste, Italy)


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Programme of the workshop: here

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Topics of the workshop:

  • Observational Cosmology. Planck results.
  • Dark Energy: origin, evolution and observational properties.
  • Observational properties of Galaxies.
  • Dark Matter in Galaxies, Groups and Clusters.
  • Old and New Dark Matter candidates.
  • Direct and Indirect Dark Matter searches.
  • Simulations in Galaxy/Cluster Formation.
  • Abandoning the LCDM Universe paradigm?
  • Ultra high energy cosmic rays.
  • Modifying Newton-Einstein Theory of Gravity?

Important Dates:

  • deadline for talk submissions: 1st September 2013
  • workshop: 14th-17th October 2013

Download the Workshop poster.