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First MIT-FVG Seed Funds assigned

Four SISSA projects have been recently awarded with MIT-FVG Seed Funds. They will support collaborations and exchanges between faculty, research scientists and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT and their counterparts at SISSA for the next 20 months.

The awardees include:

- Proff. Kolpak (MIT) - de Gironcoli (SISSA) "Learning the Potential Energy Landscape and Beyond with Deep Graph Convolutional Neural Networks”;
- Proff. Liu (MIT) - Tonni (SISSA) "New Approaches To Quantum Many-Body Systems Via Entanglement";
- Proff. Vuletic (MIT) - Santoro (SISSA) "Nanofriction Emulation - Theory and Experiments with Trapped Cold Ions";

- Proff. Patera (MIT) - Rozza (SISSA) "ROM2S Reduced Order Methods at MIT and SISSA".

Four additional projects have been selected: two from the University of Trieste and two from the University of Udine.

For more information on MIT-FVG Seed Funds: