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EUSALP - Digital Alps Conference - "The future digitalization in the Alps" workshop - May 3-4 2022, Trieste

A workshop aimed at people aged 18-29 years to share visions on future trends and impacts of digitalization in the Alpine Region

EUSALP's Digital Alps 2022 Conference, in hybrid mode, will be held in Trieste on May 3-5 p.v. in the presence of representatives of the European Commission as well as institutional representatives and qualified experts from the Alpine Region. As part of the event, EUSALP organized the workshop "EUSALP in concrete: The future digitalization in the Alps workshop" aimed at of young people aged 18-29 years interested in dialoguing and proposing ideas and visions on future trends and possible impacts of digitalization in the Alpine Region. Interested parties are invited to register by April 13 at the link

The event will be held on May 3rd 9 am to 1 pm, at Hotel Savoia.