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CRUI, Medicine: the number must be scheduled

In these last few days, the debate on access to Medicine seems to have had a sudden relaunch. Many people are speaking out in favor of the abolition of programming and shared European rules for the training of new doctors.

"The universities have already made an incredible effort to extend the numbers of those who access medical degrees each year - said Salvatore Cuzzocrea, President of CRUI - so as to preserve, primarily, the quality of training for those who will have to take care of citizens' health tomorrow. Secondly, to guarantee European validity to Italian qualifications. We must not forget that, thanks to the dialogue of CRUI and the economic interventions of the government, an opening based on the needs of the health system is already underway: in the next 7 years the places will in fact grow by 30 thousand units."

"Imagining generalized access - Cuzzocrea concluded – actually means planning a drastic collapse of the undisputed quality of the courses that train doctors and surgeons in Italy, and undermining the European recognition of the degree itself."