course dates credits
Supersymmetry II Feb 26 - Mar 29 1
teachers schedule term
Matteo Bertolini 8:30 - 9:45 2


  • 1. Non-perturbative effects and holomorphy
    Instantons and anomalies in a nutshell
    t'Hooft anomaly matching condition
    Holomorphy and non-renormalization theorems
    Holomorphic decoupling

  • 2. Supersymmetric quantum dynamics: minimal supersymmetry
    Confinement in QCD, YM and SYM theories
    Phases of gauge theories: example
    N=1 SQCD: perturbative analysis
    N=1 SQCD: non-perturbative dynamics
    The phase diagram of N=1 SQCD

  • 3. Dynamical Supersymmetry breaking
    Calculable and non-calculable models: generalities
    The one GUT family SU(5) model
    The 3-2 model: instanton driven SUSY breaking
    The 4-1 model: gaugino condensation driven SUSY breaking
    The ITIY model: SUSY breaking with classical at directions
    DSB into metastable vacua. A case study: massive SQCD

  • 4. Supersymmetric quantum dynamics: extended supersymmetry
    Low energy effective actions: classical and quantum
    N=2 and N=4 moduli spaces
    Monopoles, dyons and electric-magnetic duality: a recap
    Seiberg-Witten theory: N=2 SU(2) pure SYM
    Seiberg-Witten theory: generalizations
    N=4 SYM: S-duality


All previous courses. In particular, the student should be knowledgeable at least in

  • Quantum Field Theory I and II
  • Group theory
  • Supersymmetry I


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