course dates credits
Early Universe Cosmology Oct 30 - Nov 30 0.5
teachers schedule term
Piero Ullio Mon-Thu, 10:00-11:15 1


  • The Standard Cosmological Model:
    Historical notes; The cosmological principle; The Robertson-Walker metric and the kinematics of the model; Friedmann Equations and dynamics of the model; Ages, distances, horizons, cosmological parameters; Determination of parameters: the era of precision cosmology.
  • The Cosmological Constant:
    The cosmological constant problem; Fixed-Lambda theories and adjustable-Lambda theories.
  • Thermodynamics in an expanding Universe:
    Thermal equilibrium and decoupling of species; Thermal relics, recombination and the CMBR spectrum; Big-bang nucleosynthesis; Thermal relics as dark matter; Elements of Baryogenesis.




  • S. Weinberg, Cosmology
  • E.W. Kolb and M.S. Turner, The Early Universe
  • S. Dodelson, Modern Cosmology

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