Didactic and Students Secretariat


  • Access to doctoral and post-graduate courses
  • Registration
  • Managing and designing training programs
  • Planning and managing PhD program
  • Managing PhD candidates and scholarships
  • Teaching
  • Career management for students and participants (degree convention)
  • Managing student databases
  • Managing  Master's degree
  • International students mobility
  • Agreements and international partnerships
  • Fund Management Llp Erasmus - intensive programs
  • Training
  • Managing support for defending students and Appeals Committee for acts against the right to education
  • Evaluating teaching and educational services
  • Managing student collaborations (announcements)
  • Student services
  • Internships


e-mail: phd@sissa.it

Riccardo Iancer (Manager)
Federica Tuniz
Luisella Zecchini



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