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SISSA PhD Program in Statistical Physics: 2010/2011 Courses

4-state Potts model;re Through a wide range of postgraduate courses, which may be either coursework or research based, the students of this PhD program have the opportunity to develop the unique talents needed for their future career on the field of Statistical Physics. The staff members within the Programs are experts in their chosen fields of research. Each brings specific skills to their Course, and collectively they provide a focus for intensive Statistical Physics research which strives for the highest standards of academic achievement. The PhD Program consequently offers stimulating and supportive environments for students engaging in postgraduate research in these areas.

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List of the courses

Giuseppe Mussardo: Quantum Statistical Physics and Field Theory 5 credits
Gesualdo Delfino: Integrable Field Theories and Critical Phenomena 3 credits
Andrea Gambassi: Stochastic Dynamics in Statistical Physics 3 credits
Matteo Marsili: Introduction to Probability and Stochastic Processes 3 credits
Andrea Trombettoni Statistical Physics of Cold Atoms 3 credits
Vladimir Kravtsov: Random Matrices 3 credits
Fabio Franchini: Introduction to Bethe Ansatz 2 credits
Mikhail Kiselev: Quantum Theory of Magnetism 2 credits
Markus Müller: Spin Glasses 2 credits
Mohammad Rajabpour: Stochastic Loewner evolution 2 credits
Antonello Scardicchio: Topics in classical and Quantum Computation 2 credits
Alessandro Silva Many-body Physics Out of Equilibrium 2 credits

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