Research Fundings and International Relations


  • Supporting for acquiring research resources from both national (MIUR, MAE, Ministry of Health, FVG Region and Province, agencies and foundations) and EU and international sources (VII PQ, Horizon 2020, Structural Funds, FSE , Interreg, HFSP, Armenise Harvard Foundation, Templeton Foundation, etc).
  • Promoting competitive programs that fund research
  • Organizing workshops and seminars on programs that fund research.
  • Support in negotiating and drafting administrative acts regulating the conduct of research developed in collaboration with external parties (memoranda of understanding, partnerships, consortium, coordination and supplementary agreements, etc.).
  • Planning, managing and reporting on activities funded by the European Social Fund.
  • International agreements and conventions.
  • Supporting, planning and managing initiatives promoted and financed by the School supporting research

International mobility in-coming

  • Assistance pre- and post-arrival for foreign researchers (research fellows, visiting instructors, occasional guests and participants in meetings): hosting agreements, research and self-employment clearance, visas, residence permits of various types, presence statements to the police station, joining families, requesting and renewing health insurance and requests for reimbursement /compensation, hotel booking requests, required tax codes, address requests, opening bank accounts.
  • Assistance for visiting professors and researchers for expense reimbursement / compensation, orders (collection and data verification and documentation); assistance for tax exemption requests.
  • Conferences: guest hospitality and assistance for expense reimbursement / compensation.
  • Agreements with accommodation (hotels, B & Bs, restaurants) for reduced pricing.


email: (Resarch issues);; (Visiting Guests issues); (Fundings issues)



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