• Overseeing the economic accounting – asset system 
  • Overseeing analytical accounting system
  • Calculating and periodic payments of tax and social security deductions
  • Tax returns/pension/annual and periodic insurance
  • Managing cash flow and relationship with the treasurer
  • Managing accounting revenue 
  • Managing accounting expenses
  • Paying invoices, DURC requests, traceability of flow, tax authorities, replacements
  • Managing accounting business and third parties - issuing invoices and payments
  • Calculating and paying compensation and reimbursement to speakers/guests and conference organization expenses, Hospitality, services and compensation to occasional freelance workers
  • Calculating and paying travel expenses, research and postgraduate training grants 
  • Calculating and paying travel expenses and SSN enrollment expenses for research fellows
  • Calculating and payroll and reimbursement, credit for teaching assignments and occasional teaching
  • Managing accounts, settlement and payment of in-house and external staff 
  • Reimbursing travel expenses for entrance exams for candidates (PhD, Master and Bachelor of Science)
  • Helpdesk and monitoring "Information Mandate"
  • Fulfilling platform Certification Credits 
  • Monthly VAT compliance
  • Returning administrative funds 
  • Managing Credit Card account 





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