Enrico Cherubini to head EBRI

The scientist, for years a professor of physiology at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) of Trieste, was appointed scientific director of the European Brain Research Institute (EBRI) in Rome, the foundation at the leading edge of brain research established by Rita Levi Montalcini in 2005.

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The sense of "antisense" RNA

October 15, 2012

While studying Parkinson's disease, an international research group led by SISSA scientists in Trieste made a discovery which can improve industrial protein synthesis for therapeutic use. They managed to understand the use of RNA when it is not involved in the protein-coding process: the protein synthesis activity of coding genes can be enhanced, for example, by the activity of the non-coding one called "antisense".

Where does verbal memory originate from?

October 16, 2012

When do we start learning our first words? According to a new study carried out by the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), the first signs of brain activity linked to linguistic memory can be seen ever since the early days of our lives.

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European grants: SISSA at the top of the ranking

In the competitive scenery of European financing, SISSA is at the top of the ranking of the Italian scientific institutions for the ratio between awarded Grants (financing for research) and number of researchers and lecturers.

L’occhio del fotografo

Giovedì 24 gennaio il Laboratorio Interdisciplinare per le Scienze Naturali e Umanistiche della SISSA ha organizzato il secondo degli appuntamenti legati al mondo della fotografia vista come un ponte tra arte e scienza.

Il titolo di questo nuovo incontro, tenuto da Andrea Tomicich: "l'occhio del fotografo".

Giovedì 24 gennaio 2013, ore 17.30 > Aula 128

A quiz on food

For nearly one year some researchers of the International School for Advances Studies (SISSA), the University of Milan, Alma Mater Studiorum University in Bologna and the University of Perugia have been working on FoodCAST,a project commissioned and financed by the Lombardy Region, MIPAF and ISMEA, to tackle the complex dynamics of food with an innovative and multidisciplinary approach never tried before. Foodly is a game devised and designed by SISSA Medialab, with the collaboration of SISSA Master’s programme in Complex Actions, to make the public familia

A new project for employment of university and PhD graduates

October 26, 2012

Enhancing the creation of spin-offs to favour employment among highly-educated young people, this is the goal of RE-SEED, a project presented today and also promoted by SISSA in Trieste.

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What if the nanoworld slides

Some researchers at SISSA have published in PNAS a study to better understand sliding friction in nanotribology: a new simulation model opens the way to new research methods, thanks to colloidal crystals.

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Riboswitches in action

Riboswitches are RNA segments that switch genes on and off, either during DNA transcription or during protein translation, but little is known about the precise workings of this process. A study at SISSA uncovers some of the basic steps in this complex mechanism and paves the way for future research.

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Un Master fra tradizione e innovazione

Vent'anni di tradizione per il Master in Comunicazione della Scienza (MCS) della SISSA, il più autorevole e longevo in Italia in questo settore, che ora mette a frutto l'esperienza maturata nel campo dei media digitali e si rinnova, anche nel nome. Da quest'anno MCS è intitolato al giornalista Franco Prattico, uno tra i suoi fondatori scomparso l'anno scorso. Ma non è l'unica novità del 2013.


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