Physical Models of RNA in Molecular Dynamics under scrutiny
A group from the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste has developed a faster and simpler methodology requiring modest resources for validating physical models ("descriptions" of molecule operation) of RNA used in molecular dynamics. These models are essential for...read more
New SISSA Colloquium with Aldo Rustichini
12 October 2016, 3.00 pm SISSA, Main lecture hall Via Bonomea 265, Trieste Aldo Rustichini, professor at the Department of Economics of the University of Minnesota, studies the way intelligence shapes our economic and social behaviour. This topic is in fact part of a broader and more...read more
Another European Research Council (ERC) grant for SISSA
SISSA’s NeuroMicronica project  – winner of the Start Cup 2015 regional award and the PNICube prize and shortlisted for the Start Cup 2015 national award – has received an ERC Proof of Concept Grant, designed to support ERC grantees with the commercial or societal application of the...read more
How does neurofeedback work?
Neurofeedback is a technique used for the treatment of clinical disorders (like depression, anxiety, chronic pain, ADHD and schizophrenia etc.) and enhancement of brain performance.  It is based on the “self-regulation” of brain activations underpinned by the principles of  feedback...read more
Similar Nanomaterials behave differently. Why?
Nanotubes can be used for many things: electrical circuits, batteries, innovative fabrics and more. Scientists have noted, however, that nanotubes, whose structures appear similar, can actually exhibit different properties, with important consequences in their applications. Carbon...read more
Dedicato alla prospettiva femminile nella ricerca italiana
È pubblico il nuovo bando del premio SISSA/INFN in memoria di Romeo Bassoli, inserito nell’iniziativa “Memorie di scienza”. Il premio finanzia con 3mila euro il miglior progetto di collezione di interviste e testimonianze orali del mondo della ricerca scientifica. L’argomento di questa...read more
Un master competitivo a livello italiano ed europeo
Come ogni anno si aprono le iscrizioni per le selezioni al Master in Comunicazione della Scienza “Franco Prattico” (MCS) della SISSA di Trieste, valide per l’accesso al biennio 2016-2018. La scuola si conferma la migliore in Italia in questo campo, oltre che quella di più lunga tradizione...read more




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