Porte aperte alla Scuola, per un evento dedicato all’olfatto
27 maggio 2016, dalle 14.30 alle 23 SISSA, via Bonomea 265, Trieste Fervono i preparativi per “SISSA in Festa”. La manifestazione, giunta alla terza edizione, in cui la SISSA si apre al pubblico è ben più di un semplice open day. Si tratta in realtà di una “festa a tema” con un programma...read more
A proposed solution to calculating black hole thermodynamics
Black holes are still very mysterious celestial bodies which, according to the majority of physicists, do not, however, escape the laws of thermodynamics. As a result, these physical systems possess an entropy though no real agreement has been reached about the microscopic origin of this...read more
The highly awarded physicist returns to SISSA for a conference
30 May 2016, 2.30 pm SISSA, room 128 Michele Parrinello, a former SISSA professor, has remained a model for the school and a mentor for some of the scientists who work here. On May 30th, the physicist who was awarded the Dirac Medal, amongst others, will be at SISSA for a conference...read more
To move DNA “beads” along the strand
A protein of the ISWI family (Imitation Switch, or nucleosome remodelling motors) is endowed with a special property: despite having no organ of sense it is nonetheless able to assess the length of DNA strands. A study just published in the Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and...read more
Un master competitivo a livello italiano ed europeo
Come ogni anno si aprono le iscrizioni per le selezioni al Master in Comunicazione della Scienza “Franco Prattico” (MCS) della SISSA di Trieste, valide per l’accesso al biennio 2016-2018. La scuola si conferma la migliore in Italia in questo campo, oltre che quella di più lunga tradizione...read more
Now accepting applications for Master in HPC
Registration is  officially open for the 2016/2017 edition of the SISSA/ICTP Master in High Performance Computing. Applications can be completed online until July 6, 2016 at http://mhpc.it/how-apply. Now in its third edition, this exclusive Master’s program selects 15 high-profile ...read more
sostieni la SISSA
L'autismo e le malattie neurodegenerative, come l'Alzheimer e il Parkinson, ma anche le lesioni spinali sono problemi gravi che affliggono molte persone, in Italia e in tutto il mondo. La ricerca scientifica sta facendo grandi passi in avanti nel comprenderne i meccanismi. La scienza può...read more


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Picking out single words in a flow of speech is no easy task and, according to linguists, to succeed in doing it the brain might use statistical methods.

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