A new play put on by CUT and open to the public
28 October, 6.30 pm SISSA, “P. Budinich” Main Lecture Hall Via Bonomea 265, Trieste Second appointment with the Trieste University Theatre Centre (CUT) at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) of Trieste. Following the success of the “Merry Wives of Windsor”, now it’s the...read more
The SISSA Colloquia are back: appointment with Marcello Costa
29 October, 3pm SISSA, “P. Budinich” Main Lecture Hall Via Bonomea 265, Trieste Everything that the Universe contains could, in theory, be observed using a single scientific method, an “extended” Physics capable of encompassing atoms as well as biological systems and intelligence. What...read more
A new piece in the high-temperature superconductivity puzzle
The physical mechanism that generates superconductivity in materials at high critical temperature (like cuprates, which appear to be among the most promising materials for technological applications) remains a mystery. So far, experimental observations haven’t clarified if the phenomenon...read more
Study reveals novel role for the Pin1 molecule
Synapses are “dynamic” things: they can regulate their action in neural processes related to learning, for example, but also as a consequence of diseases. A research team – led by SISSA – has demonstrated the role of a small enzyme (Pin1) in synaptic plasticity. The study has just been...read more
A highly topical issue for the Master’s course this year
The call for applications is now open to this year’s Master in Complex Actions at SISSA (MCA), the course that trains students to face up to the challenges of the global markets by combining management skills with leading-edge science. This year’s challenge is the ageing of the world...read more
Uno studio sulle basi genetiche del razzismo cerca volontari
La SISSA di Trieste, insieme al Registro Nazionale Gemelli dell’ISS di Roma, sta conducendo una ricerca sulle basi genetiche del pregiudizio. Lo studio ha bisogno di coppie di gemelli tra i 18 e i 40 anni e viene condotto nella sede della SISSA. C’è bisogno di nuovi volontari e tutti i...read more


Latest News

“Nano–machines” (around one billionth of a metre in size) of the future will need tiny devices to reduce friction and make movement possible. The C60 molecule, also known as fullerene or buckyball, seemed to many an excellent candidate for nano-bearings.

... read more

October 9, 6.30 pm

SISSA, “P. Budinich” Main Lecture Hall 

Via Bonomea 265, Trieste

... read more
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