This is a list of some hotels; prices may be vary.

Hotel Regina, Via Caprin 19, Grado (Gorizia) tel. 0039-431-81000

Prices (in Italian liras): 70.000 single room
120.000 double room

Hotel Astoria, Lgo San Grisogono 2, Grado, tel. 0039-431-83550

Prices: 110.000 single

Hotel Savoy, Via Giosue` Carducci 33, Grado, tel. 0039-431-897111

Prices: 110.000 single

Hotel Ambriabella, Riviera Slataper 2, tel. 0039-431-81479

Prices: 95.000 single

Hotel Antares, Via delle scuole 4, tel. 0039-431-84961/2

Prices: 110.000 single

Hotel Marea, Via dei provveditori 6, tel. 0039-431-81206

Prices: 80.000 (single) and 130.000 (double)

Hotel Marin, Via dei provveditori 20, tel. 0039-431-80789

Prices: 70.000 single


city of Grado

OTHER INFORMATIONS (the coordinates are referred to the attached map; the same map will be avalaible at the hotels.)

The last three hotels are in coord. B5.

The conference will be held in the San Rocco ex-church, in Campo San Rocco, coord. B5. A blackboard and a slide projector will be available.

The reccomanded restaurants are:

For a fast but excellent meal:

To drink wine:

To those come in Grado for the first time we reccomand the Bar in the roof of "Astoria" hotel (in particular before lunch).

For further informations, contact