Lunedì 24 novembre

15:00—15:10 Welcome address
15:10—15:55 Stefano Luzzatto: Invariant measures for maps of the interval. [abstract]
16:15—17:00 Giuseppe Maria Coclite: Conservation laws with singular nonlocal sources. [abstract]
17:15—18:00 Roberto Alicandro: Variational limits of stochastic discrete systems

Martedì 25 novembre

09:00—09:45 Marcello Ponsiglione: Variational equivalence between Ginzburg Landau energies and screw dislocations. [abstract]
09:50—10:35 Debora Amadori: A hyperbolic model of granular flow. [abstract]
10:35—11:05 Coffee break
11:05—11:50 Rinaldo Colombo: On the continuum modeling of crowds. [abstract]
11:55—12:40 Franco Rampazzo: Curvature terms in the use of coordinates as controls in Classical Mechanics. [abstract (PDF file, 46 kB)]
Pomeriggio PhD honoris causa a Parrinello

Mercoledì 26 novembre

09:00—09:45 Vittorio Coti Zelati: Solutions of Hamiltonian systems homoclinic to invariant tori
10:00—10:45 Enrico Serra: Symmetry questions in Neumann problems with weight. [abstract]
10:45—11:15 Coffee break
11:15—12:00 Mario Sigalotti: Generic controllability of the bilinear Schroedinger equation
15:00—15:45 Susanna Terracini: Uniform holder bounds and regularity properties of the limiting profile for highly competing nonlinear systems of Schroedinger equations. [abstract]
16:00—16:45 Andrea Marson: The converge rate of the Glimm scheme. [abstract]
17:00—17:45 Luca Biasco: Periodic orbits approaching invariant manifolds of finite and infinite dimensional hamiltonian systems. [abstract]

Giovedì 27 novembre

09:00—09:45 Giovanni Colombo: Sets with positive reach: regularity properties and applications to control theory. [abstract]
10:00—10:45 Giovanni Bellettini: Reconstruction of a three-dimensional shape from the visible part of its apparent contour
10:45—11:15 Coffee break
11:15—12:00 Paolo Caldiroli: Blowing bubbles
15:00—15:45 Veronica Felli: On the behavior of solutions to Schrödinger equations near an isolated singularity of the electromagnetic potential. [abstract]
16:00—16:45 Alessandro Giacomini: Crack initiation in brittle materials
17:00—17:45 Adriana Garroni: Variational models for phase transitions: a multi-phase non local problem. [abstract]