This is the homepage of Cognitive Neuroscience, one of the research sectors of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA), Trieste, Italy.

The sector is comprised of the following laboratories:

Cerchiamo partecipanti - Looking for subjects

Cerchiamo sempre partecipanti per i nostri esperimenti. Se volete partecipare, oppure siete curiousi di saperne di piu', mandate una email alla nostra Segreteria Dei Soggetti - sissalab@gmail.com.

We are always looking for subjects to take part in our experiments. If you would like to come in for more experiments, or you are just curious, then please email our Subjects Secretary - sissalab@gmail.com.

Statistics 2008-2010

PhD studentsTotalItaliansNon Italians
Graduated 2008-20101899
Currently Enrolled25916

(See further statistics on the PhD Course webpage)

Peer-reviewed papers published 89 (listed in individual group webpages)

External funding (obtained from 2008): 1,998,449 Euro
            + 2,500,000 Euro new ERC grant to Jacques Mehler
By PI: MED 1,128.5 kE; RR 377.949 kE; AT 272 kE; JM 120 kE; TS ca 100 kE.