Summer School on Atomistic Simulation Techniques

The School is hosted by SISSA and DEMOCRITOS. These institutions are major players in the field of numerical simulations of material properties with a 25-year tradition of methodological innovation and high-quality software development.

Alzheimer's Disease pathogenesis: what we can learn from the analysis of the human brains

Alzheimer's Disease pathogenesis: what we can learn from the analysis of the human brains".-Dr. Maria Luisa Moro
Monday 6 May 2013 at 12:00 in Room

Entanglement Entropy

Pasquale Calabrese (University of Pisa)


Statistical and Biological Seminar

"Exploring complex transformation pathways in high-dimensional free energy landscapes"
Dott. Fabio Pietrucci (CECAM – EPFL Lausanne)

Statistical and Biological Physics Seminar

"Modeling financial asset dynamics on the basis of the scaling symmetry. Can the approach be extended to food prices time series?"
Fulvio Baldovin - Attilio Stella, National Institute for Nuclear Physics, Padova

Nonlinear Waves and Integrable Systems 2013

The workshop aims at gathering together experts in the field of nonlinear waves, with particular interest for integrable models. Topics of the workshop include: critical behaviour for nonlinear evolutionary PDEs, algebraic and geometric aspects for classical and quantum integrable systems, discrete integrable systems.

Hamiltonian PDEs, Frobenius Manifolds and Deligne-Mumford Moduli Spaces

The conference is the final conference of the ERC project FromPDEs. The conference aims at gathering together most of the scientists that have worked on topics related to the project

Jean Decety - Colloquium

"Empathy and empathic concern - Evolution, neurobiological mechanisms and implications in the practise of medicine"
Dr. Jean Decety


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