Seminars on History of Science

Adele La Rana is a historian of science at University La Sapienza, in Rome. During this seminar, she will underline the history of gravitational waves, with a focus on the origin of the first experimental activity in Italy.  


Giornata dedicata a 500 studenti degli ultimi due anni delle scuole superiori, che visiteranno la Sissa per conoscerne più da vicino le attività.

Le simmetrie in fisica: storia e aspetti filosofici

Elena Castellani (Florence University) will hold a conference about the crucial role of the "simmetry" concept in the scientific thinking development. 

Seminar by Malcom Longair on James Clerk Maxwell

'… a paper … I hold to be great guns': How Maxwell discovered the Laws of Electromagnetism



Workshop on "Recent Developments in Numerical Methods for Model Reduction” at IHP

In the framework of the 2016 special fall quater at Institut Henri Poincarè (IHP) "Numerical Methods for PDEs" there will be a workshop on "Recent Developments in Numerical Methods for Model Reduction" (November 7-10, 2016) co-organized by Ecole des Ponts-ParisTech (CERMICS), Politecnico di Milano (MOX) and SISSA (mathLab).

Inside Black Holes

Sissa Colloquium with Carlo Rovelli


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